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Be prepared

Do not over exert yourself and drink plenty of water.
Be properly equipped
It is highly recommended to choose specially approved equipment which is adapted to your technical level, your height and your weight as well as to ensure a good adjustment and maintenance of ski bindings. Use sunglasses to protect yourself from the ultraviolet rays.

Be insured
Before skiing, do not forget to take out an insurance policy for the slopes.
You can acquire ski insurance at any Andorran ski station where you buy your ski pass. The insurance must cover the number of days of the ski pass. You can also buy insurance for the whole ski season

The area

Before starting, and to avoid getting lost, ask for a map of the slopes.
Do not forget that only slopes which are open are secure and controlled.


Slopes and lifts are signposted. Respect these signs.

The weather

Check the weather forecast. Keep informed of the opening times of slopes and lifts.
You can check the weather forecast by calling + 376 848 851 or snow report.

Control the situation

Right of way
Skiers in front of you always have the right of way. The route your take and any overtaking must never put others at risk.

Adjust your speed and your route according to your ability, the visibility, the conditions of the slopes and the snow. If there are a lot of skiers, slow down, above all on the areas for beginners, near queues of people and at the end of the slopes.

Do not stop in the middle of the slopes nor in narrow places and without visibility.

All those who witness an accident must immediately offer their help and call the first aid people if necessary.

Be disciplined
Ski lifts
- Do not forget to remove your pole straps from around your wrists.
- Do not slalom and hold the perch until arrival; otherwise the cable might derail.
- Should you fall, let go of the perch and move out of the way of other skiers.

Chair lifts
- Put your backpack in front of you.
- If you cannot board, let the chair go on.
- You must lower the safety bar to avoid falling.
- Never jump off a chair lift.

- The opening and closing of the doors is automatic. Do not try to open them and do not lean on them.
- Do not lean out or throw anything out of the windows. Do not smoke.
- If the gondola stops, wait calmly until it continues its route or for staff to intervene.

Off piste
Skiing off piste requires a good technical level, a great understanding of the mountain and specialised equipment. As the natural dangers of the mountain are not signposted and there might be avalanches, be careful.
Anyway, remember that your are skiing at your own risk entirely.

Download the Safety guideSafety guide at ski resort in Andorra (Grandvalira - Vallnord) (.pdf)